The AromaDome Experience

A mini hyperbaric chamber using

Young Living Essential Oils

The AromaDome can help with emotional release as well as physical pain and illness. Oxygenate your cells, blood, brain, organs and tissue and come out looking and feeling transformed.

My clients are saying things like the AromaDome triples the beneficial effects of the oils. One woman emailed the inventor of the AromaDome, Julie Chertow and thanked her for inventing it because she was losing her memory from beginning onset alzheimer's disease and five sessions in the AromaDome brought her memory completely back. She was able to keep her house and coaching business.

When we focus like this, we are literally creating new neuro-pathways for a new consciousness to flow through our brain. We are creating a new heaven of joy, peace and health in our brain. See AromaDome as a portal of peace, a pyramid of light, a place for possibility, and use it to truly create a new you. It will build new receptacles in your brain for a new way of being. You will become everything you want to be according to your intention. Get creative and have  fun with the AromaDome.

                                                     ~  Julie Chertow ~ AromaDome creator, Author,

                                                         Essential Oils Instructor & Massage Therapist

What issues can the AromaDome help?

Headaches ~ Injuries ~ Skin conditions ~ Internal mold ~ Upper respiratory chest colds ~ Memory ~ Sleep  ~ Depression ~ Attention deficit disorder ~ Eyesight ~ Allergies ~ Motivation ~ High blood pressure ~ Hormones ~ Focused calm ~ Insomnia ~ Side effects from drugs and medical treatments ~ Lungs from smoke inhalation

~ Meditation ~ Raise oxygen levels ~ Confidence ~ And more…

45 min AromaDome treatment with an

aromatherapy foot reflexology


By Appointment

Laura Legere LMP